Mountbatten Residences condo price

With Malaysia expanding its federal lockdown before 14 April, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) stated it won’t expand the temporary home support it supplied to Malaysian employees outside 31 March, documented Nowadays.

The Mountbatten Residences condo price buying is 20% more than the reserve price, which set at $288 m. The site attracted a total of 10 bidders.

Thousands of Malaysians working in Singapore, that sail across the boundary, have been briefly placed within the city-state after Malaysia’s announcement of a two-week lockdown on 18 March.

However, given the rising COVID-19 instances there, Malaysian Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin chose to expand the federal lockdown before 14 April.

“To their long-term sustainability and business continuity reasons, companies will have to decide how to house their impacted employees in Singapore, as well as the sharing of further prices with their employees,” explained MOM.

To assist companies who needed to find lodging for these employees, the ministry also disclosed that the authorities would also provide $50 for every employee every day, capped at 14 days.

MOM shared it has been”up with companies to make sure their affected employees are put in temporary housing that’s safe and proper” because then.

It added that the ministry will “embark on a new stage” to operate with companies to ease the affected employees’ move into more sustainable housing choices within Singapore.

Employers needing more sustainable housing alternatives for their employees can consult with the ministry’s site or contact MOM through email.

Separately, MOM advised overseas workers in addition to overseas domestic workers to remain inside their homes during rest days, and steer clear of gathering in large groups.

“If (employees ) have significant errands to attend , they’re advised to minimise time spent outdoors,” explained MOM.

If employees meet inside, they ought to observe the hottest rules, which restrict gatherings outside school and work to ten people or fewer.

Employees who don’t collaborate can see their job moves revoked.

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