Mountbatten Residences condo Katong

At precisely the exact same week, a European expat also signed a three-month rental to get a high-value plus-study unit in Capella Manor, a serviced house in Sentosa that’s controlled by Capella Hotel. Featuring individual villas, the 5,640 sq foot duplex unit includes a pool to the lower amount and is being leased for $38,000 a month.

Mountbatten Residences condo Katong drew interest on the site due to its excellent connectivity to the future Katong Park MRT Station.

Chen claims that the renter chose this unit on a similar unit at Capella Manor that doesn’t contain a pool, although the latter was provided for $19,000 a month. The renter resides on the mainland, and it has worked in Singapore for a while, adds Chen.

Since that time, Chen says that he has received over five calls out of Good Class Bungalow owners seeking help to rent the swimming pools within their properties that are vacant.

Normally, the majority of these owners are requesting for $8,000–$10,000 a month to lease the pool out, and they mean to install the entire house for rent following the conclusion of their”circuit breaker” steps, says Chen.

He’s also received over 10 calls from interested parties that wish to lease a swimming pool. But most are just ready to commit to some one-month rental as the circuit breaker steps are set to finish after June 1, he states.

On May 7, Chen also co-brokered a deal to rent an total Sentosa Cove bungalow for about $22,000 a month to a expat family. The 9,000 sq ft house is situated across Ocean Drive. While the first asking rent was $22,000, the home was finally leased for $17,500 a month, says Chen.

It appears the trend is no more restricted to glitzy Sentosa Cove bungalows and has begun to look in other lands and in the mainland.

Cruz Phua, associate division manager at ERA Realty, closed a three-month deal to rent the swimming pool of a detached home on Riviera Drive for near $2,000 a month.

The tenants were motivated by news of the primary swimming pool bargain and reached out to himsays Phua, adding that the renters reside at a nearby condo that’s within walking distance to the home. He states that the full deal took approximately an hour to complete with no bodily viewings. Rather, videos and pictures have been shared to the renter.

Despite the comparatively modest size of the home in comparison to bungalows in Sentosa Cove, the simple fact that this deal has been shut shows that there’s need for such centers among enthusiastic tenants, states Phua.